Bragging Rights

The Ultimate Sketch Comedy Experience

A group of comedians and actors that have been drafted into 2 separate teams go head to head for laughs where the audience and/or guest judges vote on which team was the funniest; becoming the Bragging Rights sketch comedy champions for the month!

max robkoff



media assistant

Win/Loss Record:

New Rochelle, NY


Max is a comedic actor with meisner training.  that means he's only funny if he feels he's supposed to be funny, unless he shouldn't be funny; then he's very serious.  He has trained with The Upright Citizens Brigade and Ron Millkie, amongst many other schools and instructors.  Max has been in commercials, films, television, music videos, and even live on stage.  You name it, Max has probably done it.  In fact, you can check out Max's website below to see his reel that he worked super hard on editing together for your enjoyment.